Walkin' Talkin' Tours LLC corporate is closing as of 10/01/2017 ...

We regret having to close but it is necessary.  We both have aging parents in the mid-80s and early-90s,  Two parents are out of state (Florida and Illinois) and have had a steady increase in personal attention and health care needs. Though our business is small, we felt it was unfair and disappointing to potential customers who could not schedule a tour due to these circumstances.  We extend our thanks to the kind, encouraging, and friendly staff at Visit Charlotte for helping us in our promotional efforts this past year and for making the referrals.  We also extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our friends, family, and Charlotteans of all ages for the kind support and encouragement we have received in regard to the business and with this critical business decision that had to be made.

Charlotte is an absolutely terrific place with a deeper history than what meets the eye. Organizations such as the May 20th Society, Mecklenburg Historical Association (MHA), Olde Mecklenburg Genealogical Society, and Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library do an incredible job promoting, interpreting, and educating others about Charlotte's history (including the Revolutionary War era) and the Liberty Walk. The people who play a role in those organizations deserve a very positive round of applause for their efforts.  We encourage everyone - native and visitor to the Charlotte region - to explore its rich history.  Many of the region's historic sites and museums can be found at the Charlotte Regional History Consortium website. 

Thank you Charlotte.