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A Grade "A" Walking Tour of Revolutionary War-era Charlotte

Come join me in Uptown Charlotte for a personalized guided tour of Charlotte's Liberty Walk.  This leisurely paced 1/2 mile walk is approximately 1-hour in duration and features a lively and engaging interpretation about Charlotte's role during the American Revolution. I will deliver to you a fun-filled and educational tour discussing the people, the places, and the events that took place here in Charlotte and the Carolina Backcountry from 1775 to 1781.  Walkin' Talkin' Tours was also featured in an segment of "Palmetto Scene", a South Carolina video magazine produced by South Carolina Education Television (SCETV).  

I offer 5 tours Friday - Monday beginning at 10am. See "BOOK YOUR TOUR" for a complete list of available dates and times.  Dates and times not showing in the booking calendar mean they are not available.  Tours fill up fast so it pays to plan ahead. I look forward to seeing you and meeting you to share my passion about Charlotte's Revolutionary War-era history.  

Tour Topics

  • The Mecklenburg Declaration & the Mecklenburg Resolves
  • Captain Jack.
  • Taverns.
  • The rebellious Presbyterians.
  • A visit to Charlotte's oldest cemetery.
  • Charlotte's Revolutionary War heroes.
  • The Battle of Charlotte and the Battle of McIntyre's Farm





  • Thomas Polk Park. (Trade & Tryon, Uptown Charlotte).  Please arrive between 5-10 minutes early  for check in. You will know me when you see me. HINT- Look for the tricorn hat.

*All tours are subject to availability.  See "BOOK YOUR TOUR" for the most updated list of available dates and times. 


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NOTE:  Dates not appearing in the booking calendar are unavailable.


We are proud to be a member of the TripAdvisor Community and we want to know if we met your expectations for an educational and informative walking tour. If you believe we did a thorough job and met your expectations then we would greatly appreciate that you share your comments.  If we did not meet your expectations then please drop us a line at and tell us how we can improve.  We realize that meeting the expectations for all audiences is a challenging task.  However, we are interested in ways to improve our tours so that as many customers come away with a positive, rewarding, and educational experience and learned about Charlotte's Revolutionary War history in a meaningful and engaging way.  Thank you. 

-Robert Ryals, Owner, Walkin' Talkin' Tours, LLC

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Please leave a review.of your experience.  Thank you.

Please leave a review.of your experience.  Thank you.


Robert Ryals, Walkin' Talkin' Tours, LLC

Professional Credentials: Certified Interpretive Guide (National Association for Interpretation); B.A. History, M.A. History,M.S. Information Studies, and, Certificate of Museum Studies (Florida State University) 

Greetings! I am the co-owner of Walkin' Talkin' Tours and am your interpretive guide for the tour. I have over 16 years of interpretive experience conducting educational programs about 17th and 18th life and historical events at several local, county, state, and national parks and historic sites throughout the Southeast.  I am an active educator whose academic specialty includes the Atlantic World and Colonial America.  

For the past 7 years I have focused my academic interests and interpretive experiences to the rich, in-depth, and dramatic stories about the Revolutionary War in the Carolina Backcountry delivering public talks and historic demonstrations at several North and South Carolina-area historic sites. I was featured in the Charlotte WTVI PBS series "Trail of History" (Episode: Waxhaw, North Carolina) and I served as a historical consultant for "CAMERON" a video production based on part of the historical work A Demand for Blood: The Cherokee War of 1776 by Nadia Dean.  Recently I was featured in an segment of "Palmetto Scene", a South Carolina video magazine produced by South Carolina Education Television (SCETV).    

I look forward to sharing my passion for history with you as we walk through time in an informative, engaging, and entertaining way.  

Mission Statement

Walkin' Talkin' Tours, LLC,  was founded July 3, 2016 as a new startup to create public awareness about the Charlotte Metropolitan area's rich Revolutionary War-era past by delivering education-themed tours of Charlotte's Liberty Walk and its area wide historic sites and resources. We are a small husband and wife operation who founded the company to share our passion of the Charlotte Metropolitan area's past with day-trip and overnight stay tourists and convention attendees, extended stay temporary and new permanent residents; and, with home-schooled and public school children. Our philosophy is that history plays a role in the greater society and in our personal lives.  Understanding who we were provides meaning and context needed to understand who we are  and who we want to be for a better global society.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I meet the guide (Robert) for the tour?

I will meet you at Thomas Polk Park which is located at the corner of Trade & Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte.





What time does the tour start?

Tours run every hour Friday through Monday from 10 to 11 am and 1-3:20 pm.  Special group tours are available by appointment.  Check the booking calendar for available dates and times. 

What if I want to walk up without a reservation?

Online reservations are strongly recommended.  The booking calendar shows all available dates and times.  If you do show up and we are available we will certainly do what we can to accommodate you so you can join us on our tour. There aren't any strangers in our crowd.

How much does it cost?

We are a family friendly business. The cost per Adult (18 and up) is $20 per person, The cost per Senior (65+) is $18 per person. The cost per Teen (13-17) is $15. The cost per Child (5-12) is $10.  Children under 5 are free.  

What is the maximum number of people in a group? 

We limit our daily walking tours to a maximum of 15 people.  We do this both for safety purposes but also to ensure that everyone on the tour can hear and participate for the best tour experience possible. NOTE: We can accommodate larger groups if scheduled in advance.

What about the weather?

Rain is historically accurate so we don’t let it stop our walking tours unless it is expected to be severe and over a 50% chance of rain . You will be notified by e-mail within 24 hours if a scheduled tour is cancelled due to foul weather. This includes extreme rain (including a 50% chance or greater), heat (when the heat index is 95 degrees or higher), and cold/wintry conditions (when the temperature drops below 40 degrees).  If a tour is cancelled due to weather then you will receive a full reimbursement. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Tours can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance with no cost penalty. If a tour is cancelled by the guide because of weather, you will be reimbursed.

Is the tour route handicap accessible?

Most stops along the route are along city sidewalks and are accessible except for Settlers Cemetery. 

Do you accept gratuities?

I work hard to share my passion with you and I am a proponent of paying it forward.  If you feel I did a particularly good job then I will gladly accept the compensation to insure professional service for future groups.